About the event

After 6 highly successful editions, the Blockchain Innovation Conference will take place for the 7th time on June 30, 2020, hosted by the NS at their headquarters in Utrecht.  The event will be the kick-off of the Dutch Blockchain Week, which includes the Blockchain Expo Europe 2020 in Rai Amsterdam and many other events.

The Blockchain Innovation Conference 2020  (BIC2020) will bring together around 400 national and international pioneers from start-ups, the corporate world, and government, to discuss the radical changes Blockchain technology is bringing to different industries.  The event will take place at the NS HQ in Utrecht – the most central venue of the country, located at the Netherlands’ biggest train hub. Previous editions of the event were hosted by ABN Amro, Rabobank, KPMG and ING, with additional support from IBM, Ilionix, Hewlett-Packard, and Deloitte.

The Dutch Blockchain conference is organized by trendwatcher Vincent Everts and his team.

Interested in contributing?
Contact Vincent Everts at +31 647180864 or [email protected]


The backbone of our society is formed by big organizations like government, banks & insurance companies, education, health, retail, production, energy & mobility. It is more important than ever that these organizations reinvent themselves and that they innovate on every level.

Blockchain technology has been the topic of passionate discussion over the past few years, seen as a technology that can both transform and create industries. The first editions of the event focused on possible use-cases and proof of concepts. From dreams, tests, and pilots we shifted to applications and practical use cases. At the last edition of the event, we looked at the use of Blockchain beyond use-cases and theoretical ideas – especially in the fields of trade and finance.

During the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2020, we want to go one step beyond, and explore how blockchain initiatives work together with other technologies: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, big data, digital identities… How will the interplay of these technologies influence our world?

With Blockchain affecting so many different industries, it is of paramount importance that leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds start to educate themselves, and understand the implications of this new technology.

At BIC2020 you will learn from initiatives across different industries, all reshaping and transforming their sectors, from the energy sector to transport, from central banking to health projects. You will hear how regulators and policy developers are developing new rules, and you will hear pitches from startups with bold plans.

BIC2020 is the event for those working on transforming big organizations.


Topics of special relevance for BIC2020 are blockchain and quantum computing, big data, and artificial intelligence;, the developments in China and its plans to launch a digital currency; the views, and plans of central banks across the world; the use of blockchain for food security, the real estate industry, and transport and mobility; the new anti money laundering (AML) regulations and their effects on the industry; the legalities around blockchain use in consortia, and the avalanche of practical blockchain use that 2020 will bring us. We work closely with our partners to further develop topics.


BIC2020 starts with breakfast sessions by partners, followed by a program of plenary presentations and discussions. This is combined with ‘’tracks’’ for more focused industry updates. The day ends with networking drinks, followed by a dinner for speakers and partners at the Spoorwegmuseum.


Keynote presentations by industry leaders. Fireside chats by Vincent Everts with entrepreneurs, policymakers, CEOs and CTOs. The keynote presentations and fireside chats will highlight the latest developments in the field, and bring the industry leaders onto the stage to share their vision and their view of the future.



We value the interaction among participants. That’s why we are big fans of Sqiffer, an audience engagement tool. The tool enabled us to do polls, asking delegates to send in their questions, run a quiz on the mainstage and involve everyone in the discussion.


A series of breakout sessions to spark off debates and conversations within a particular area is offered by partners.

Educate yourself

Blockchain Basics: a masterclass for those that want to get a clear introduction of the basics of Blockchain technology (held as a breakfast meeting at the start of the day).

Program schedule

07.30-09.00 VIP breakfast sessions

• Blockchain Basics
• Masterclasses
• Roundtable discussions with a selection of the speakers

08.00-09.00 Registration

09.00-11.00 Session 1: Keynote presentations and fireside chats

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.00 Session 2: Tracks

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Keynote presentations and fireside chats

15.30-16.00 Break

16.00-17.00 Closing talks

17.00-18.00 Networking drinks

19.00-21.00 Speaker and partner dinner

Blockchain Bulletin


Newsletter. There will be a newsletter covering the conference, with interviews with speakers and full reports on the subjects covered. Articles from the newsletter will also be distributed to media partners and press.  Vincent Everts will also reach out with his own newsletter which goes out to around 15.000 managers and specialists in the digital field.

Video. A professional video crew will broadcast the main track live, and all speakers will be interviewed in a local studio. In 2018/19 the videos generated more than 140.000 views.

Social media. In 2019, the event generated 600.000 views on social media and was the trending topic of the day. This year the social media team will be expanded to reach even more people.

Press. Dutch and international press have covered the event (NRC Handelsblad, RTL-Z, Financieele Dagblad, Reuters, etc). For 2020, both general and trade press will again be invited to cover the event.



The Blockchain Innovation Conference is established in close cooperation with industry partners. We want to work with companies and organizations that are as interested in the developments as we are.

  • • Founding Partners. Companies that want to work with us to make this an important event for the industry – this includes a financial commitment, the option to run a Masterclass, Round Table or track, and a contribution to the main stage program in the form of an on-stage interview.
  • • Network Partners. Networks, Meetup groups, and others with a big network in the field are invited to contact us to join as network partners. In exchange for the promotion of the event, members get a discount on the registration fee, and the organization itself gets a few free tickets to give away.
  • • Supporting Partners. Support a professional live stream including studio interviews; host the networking drinks; take care of the travel costs of a specific speaker in return for a breakfast meeting with that speaker – we welcome all partners that want to help realize this event.

Buying ticket packages in advance for a group of colleagues or for clients helps us a lot as well! If you buy 10 tickets or more, we can offer a special discount.

For all general questions, input for the program, and partner options:
• Vincent Everts, Conference director +31 647180864 or [email protected]


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Vincent Everts
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