FinTech expert Chris Skinner ‘If you like it, then you should have put a chain on it’

Chris Skinner is CEO at and a mind boggling writer. Chris was a speaker at the amazing TheNextWeb 2017 in Amsterdam and talked about financial services, upcoming technologies and what happens when your bank knows more than you. He thinks in the future all choices might be digitalized in a semantic cognitive web and you will merely have to think about something in order to buy it. An amazing talk on AI, virtual shops, big tech companies, the internet of things and how it is changing the way we live our lives and consume products.

On the 22nd of June Chris Skinner will be returning to the Netherlands to give a keynote at the Blockchain Innovation Conference. I interviewed him about blockchain and his talk with the great title “If you liked it then you should have put a chain on it”. When is the blockchain succeeded? Chris thinks we might see blockchain in the streets in a few years and as consumers we will be able to chain everything in big stores by 2022.

Chris enjoyed driving the autonomous Model X. What does he think of this kind of innovation?