Tykn: The future of resilient identity

Last week, I talked with Dave Birch about the importance of identity. Verifying one’s identity is one of the most important battles in payments. This week we highlight Tykn, a blockchain startup that helps NGOs and governments with their identity management system for humanitarian aid. This comprises higher-order applications for aid distribution, greater project level metrics and the identification of beneficiaries. Tey El-Rjula co-founded Tykn because of his own experiences as a refugee and all the hardships regarding his “lost identity” that came with it. He pitched the Tykn story at the Blockchain Innovation Conference and he won the 2018 ICO Pitch Competition!

Watch the Winner pitch below:

Interview with Tykn:

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts