About the event

After five highly successful editions, the 6th edition of the largest Blockchain conference in the Benelux will take place on June the 7th 2019 and is hosted by ABN AMRO at their Head Quarters and CIRCL (energy efficient building) in Amsterdam!

The event will bring together hundreds of (inter)national pioneers representing startups, scale-ups, policy makers, corporates and academia to discuss the latest trends, developments and breakthroughs in the field of Blockchain technology. The Blockchain Innovation Conference is known for combining tangible case studies, pilots and near-live projects, with high level discussions, and a vision on the future of the industry.

Beyond The Hype

The backbone of our society is formed by big organisations like government, banks & insurance companies, education, health, retail, production, energy & mobility! It is more important than ever that these organizations reinvent themselves, that they innovate on every level. Not only adapt themselves to changes but to play an active role in defining the new rules.

Our first editions focused on possible use-cases and proof of concepts. The 2018 edition focused on production blockchain solutions which are currently created. During the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 we will go one step beyond, we are going to explore how these production blockchain initiatives are working.. Do they make processes smarter? More effective? Which industries are changing? How are they combined with tech like big data, artificial intelligence and internet of things? Join us this year to find out!

Theme and Topics

Blockchain technology has been the topic of passionate discussion over the past few years, seen as a technology that can both transform and create industries. From dreams, tests and pilots we have now shifted to meaningful and enduring applications and practical use of this fascinating technology.

The 6th edition of the Blockchain Innovation Conference will look at the use of Blockchain beyond use-cases and theoretical ideas. “Beyond The Hype” is the main theme for this year’s edition on June 7.


Blockchain projects that are beyond the pilot stage and experimentation will be presented by those that founded them. You will learn from initiatives across different industries, all reshaping and transforming their sectors, from the energy sector to international shipping, from food transparency to new ways to control money flows.


We will take a closer look at ecosystem formation and alliance building. Questions that will be addressed include where to start, how to set-up a broadly accepted governance structure, and most importantly: how to improve the customer journey and service delivery through inclusive collaborations. Examples include Maersk, VAKT.io, Komgo, Cello and the Energy Web Foundation. There will also be a cross-industry perspective by discussing initiatives like the HyperLedger Foundation and the Global Battery Alliance.


More and more governments, companies and citizens realize that cooperation is vital for a sustainable future. How is Blockchain contributing to the Climate Agreement? What are examples of initiatives that are currently up and running? For example, the UN’s World Food Programme in Jordan. How can public utility networks play a social role in this? And what steps should be taken, by whom?


We will have a close look at the application of Blockchain in combination with other technologies. How will Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence work together? What are the requirements for success in order to converge Blockchain and the Internet of Things? We will be looking at the aspects that arise in different sectors when Blockchain is being combined with other new tech.

Breakout Sessions

We value the interaction among participants. That’s why we are big fans of Sqiffer, an audience engagement tool. We will be doing polls, asking delegates to send in their questions, run a quiz on the mainstage and involve everyone in the discussion.

Additionally, there will there will be four breakout sessions to spark off debates and conversations within a particular area. All tracks will be hosted in the CIRCL building (see Venue Details), an energy efficient building developed by ABN AMRO.


The Business track discusses Blockchain from a strategic and business perspective. Topics in this track include of how Blockchain is shaping the business and corporate strategies of organizations, how potential risks should be taken care off and how Blockchain helps improve operations.


The Technology track addresses the challenges and breakthroughs from a technological point of view.  Several projects that are beyond the Proof of Concept stage will be discussed, for example from a architectural point of view. Also, the latest developments and updates on prominent Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers initiatives like HyperLedger and Ethereum will be given.


The Government track covers the use of Blockchain technology to deliver better public services to citizens. Several national and local governments, including the Netherlands, have projects that are up and running. A selection will be made, and discussed further in detail.


The Sustainability track features the use and implementation of emerging technologies, in particular Blockchain, for a better world. This track includes Blockchain in combination with renewable energies, identity solutions to fight poverty and platforms for sustainable food supply chains.



8.00-9.00 Breakfast-and-Learn session: Blockchain for Dummies

Badreddine Tazrouti (Blockchain specialist and guest lecturer)

9:15-11:00 Beyond the hype – Blockchain and business

9.15 Vincent Everts (Trendwatcher and organizer of BIC19): Looking back, looking forward
9.30 Edwin van Bommel (CIO ABN AMRO): Platforms changing industries

9.45 Cases

Aljosja Beije (Logistics and Technology lead at BlockLab Rotterdam)
Etienne Amic (CEO Vakt.io): Streamlining physical energy post-trade processes
Chanmeet Kaur (Innovation Manager ABN AMRO, Komgo.io)

10.10 How the Money flows – new initiatives

Marleen Evertsz (co-founder and CEO of Nxchange): Tokenized Securities Trading Platform
Radoslav Albrecht (founder and CEO of Bitbond): Global lending platform for SME loans & Germany’s first regulated security token offering

10.40 New tech, new rules

Moderated by Conny Dorrestijn (Fintech Entrepreneur, Founding Partner at BankiFi)
Leonard Franken (Policy Advisory for the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets)
Petra Hielkema (Director of the Payments and Market Infrastructures Division, Dutch Central Bank)

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.00 Tracks: Business, Tech, Government, Sustainability


Moderated by Conny Dorrestijn (Fintech Entrepreneur and Founding Partner at BankiFi)
Niek van Rens (Head of Innovation at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank)
Jeroen Bronkhorst (Innovation Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise): Monetizing car data
Jan Willem Santing (Senior Manager at Deloitte)

InsurTech panel: insurance reimagined!
Michiel Berende (Chief Inclusive Officer at Etherisc)
Vega Paithankar (Chief Technology Officer at HIT.Foundation)
Dennis de Vries (Lead of KPMG Distributed Ledger Services Netherlands)


Moderated by Marloes Pomp (Dutch Government & Dutch Blockchain Coalition)
Prof. Olinga Taleed (Council Member & Expert Advisor at China E-Commerce Committee): What will China do with Blockchain and how will this influence us?
Arnab Kumar (Government of India): Leading Government of India’s vision, strategy and implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, FinTech and Blockchain initiatives.
Frans van Ette (Coalition Manager, Dutch Blockchain Coalition)
Leonard Franken (Policy Advisory for The Dutch Authority for Financial Markets)


Moderated by Frans Kempen (Blockchain Lead for Logistics & Supply Chain Industry IBM)
Cees van Wijk (IT team manager ING): How to preserve privacy on the Blockchain?
Thomas Hartmann (Expert Consultant, IBM): Using blockchain technology and the Stellar protocol.
Marnix van den Bent (Blockchain engineer, Rabobank) & David Lamers (Blockchain specialist, Rabobank): Coping with solution uncertainties.


Moderated by Marjan van der Plas (Innovation Manager DLT ecosystems and platforms, ABN AMRO)

Renewables and Energy Transition
Michiel Sintenie (Specialist Lead Blockchain & Digital Value Chain Europe, Vattenfall)
Ivo de Vries (Relations Manager, Certiq)

Blockchain and the access to clean drink water across sub-saharan Africa
Marc Taverner (Global Ambassador & Market Development, Bitfury)
Rob Hygate (CTO at eWaterpay)

Panel Blockchain: Sustainable Development Goals
Orla Canavan (510 Dutch Red Cross): improve speed, quality and cost-effectiveness of humanitarian aid by using data & digital transformation.
Anna Klapwijk (Blockchain Strategy Consultant, Deloitte): supply chain, the humanitarian sector and agrifood.
Mark van Rijmenam (founder of Datafloq): transforming our world & blockchain for good.

Inside a Jordan refugee camp that runs on Blockchain!
Björn Wagner (co-founder at Parity): using Blockchain technology as a means to make cash transfers more efficient, transparent and secure

13.00-14.00  Lunch

14.00-15.30  Building Alliances

Juergen Kuebler (Executive, Global Industry Platforms, IBM Blockchain): creating mutually successful Blockchain industry monetization strategies
Frans Kempen (Blockchain Lead for Logistics & Supply Chain Industry IBM): building a blockchain-based solution for responsible mineral sourcing.
Marc Jansen (EVP Human Resources, Rabobank): breaking solution silos, building alliances and creating better solutions.

The challenges of building alliances – Panel discussion

Marta Piekarska (Director of Eco-system at Hyperledger): How does Hyperledger build an ecosystem
Irene Lopez de Vallejo (Founding Team Member Ocean Protocol): Unlock data, particularly for AI and sharing/selling data in a safe, secure and transparent manner.
Jon Kuiper (Supply Chain platform for Vehicle Logistics): creating a consortium for a blockchain based Supply Chain platform for the European Finished Vehicle Logistics Business.
Walter Kok (COO, Energy Web Foundation): building the largest ecosystem of blockchain and energy market participants assembled to date.

15.30-16.00 Break

16.00-16.20 Dutch Blockchain Business

Rutger van Zuidam (founder Odyssey Open Innovation Program): co-creating new solutions to global challenges through collaborative innovation.
Linda Bos (Blockchain Lead at KLM Royal Dutch Airline): building a blockchain center of excellence and driving forward conversations regarding consortium thinking.
Ben Woldring (CEO and Founder Bencom Group): market leader in independent comparison platforms for telecom, broadband, digital TV, the energy market, insurances and hotel metasearch.
Sabine Brink (Blockchain Tech Lead, Shell): How does Shell use Blockchain technology?

16.20-17.00 Blockchain futures: Governance, China, AI and more.

Prof. Olinga Taleed (Council Member & Expert Advisor at China E-Commerce Committee): What will China do with Blockchain and how will this influence us?
David Birch (advisor and commentator on digital financial services): Closing keynote on practical and realistic suggestions about how the blockchain can benefit from artificial intelligence.

17.00-19.00 Networking drinks

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