About the event

The 6th edition of the largest Blockchain conference in the Benelux will take place over 2 days in June 2019.

The event will bring together over 500 national and international pioneers from start-ups, the corporate world and government, to discuss the radical changes Blockchain technology is bringing to all activities that rely on trusted third parties. Last year the we went from proof of concept to real world solutions and had the best blockchain cases in Government, Supply Chain, Fintech, Energy, Business, Identity, ICOs and more. In the new edition we we are going one step beyond.

6th edition of the largest Blockchain conference in the Benelux

50+ (inter)national speakers

500+ participants from 100+ companies

Blockchain for Dummies & Experts

5 tracks: Business, Government, Technology, Energy and ICOs

Decentralized sessions with speakers

Theme and Topics

Our first editions of the Blockchain Innovation Conference focused on possible use-cases and proof of concepts. The 2018 edition focused on production blockchains solutions which are currently created. During the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 will go one step beyond, we are going to explore how these production blockchain initiatives are working.. Do they make processes smarter? More effective? Which industries are chancing? How are they combined with tech like big data, Artifical intelligence and Internet of things?

Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 FULL STREAM

Previous Speakers

Last Year’s Program

07.15  Morning session: Blockchain for Dummies

09.00 Session 1: Blockchain, from proof of concept to real world solutions

11.00 Coffee break + Decentralised Chats with speakers 

11.30 Session 2: Keynote Presentations and Fireside Chat

13.00 Lunch 

14.00 Tracks 

15.30 Break 

16.00 Final session: Closing Talks

17.30 Networking drinks 

19.00-21.00 Speaker and partner dinner

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Croeselaan 18,
3521 CB Utrecht


Vincent Everts

Jelle van der Zanden


Monique van Dusseldorp


Badreddine Tazrouti


Remco Janssen