Blockchain Innovation Conference

The Blockchain Innovation Conference took place on June 22 at the KPMG headquarters in Amsterdam from 7.00-18.00. The event brought together around 50 speakers and 400 national and international pioneers from start-ups, the corporate world and government, to discuss the radical changes Blockchain technology is bringing to all activities that rely on trusted third parties.

The conference language was English for the main stage and the business and tech track; Dutch for the public services track. Theme of this year was “Blockchain Growing Pains!”. The Blockchain Innovation Conference is organised by Vincent Everts and his team, and is supported by Founding Partners Rabobank, KPMG, KPN, ING, HPE, and IBM.

You can now watch all presentations of the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2017 below!

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Amsterdam 22-06-2017

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Breakfast sessions: “Blockchain for Dummies”

Blockchain for Dummies Everything you need to know to follow the conference and have a meaningful discussion. If you, like 99% of the population, have heard of words like bitcoin, blockchain, ether, mining, proof of work, cryptocurrency, decentralized ledger, ethereum and DOA's, but have not yet a really clear idea of what it means and why it is so important then BE THERE! Breakfast tables The partners of the BIE will offer breakfast sessions with the keynote speakers  for an open exchange between the experts and a small group of invites Speakers - Simone Vermeend (Author Blockchain - the technology that changes the world radically) - Vincent Everts & Joël Happé - Paul Bessems




Session 1: Opening Conference

Speakers - Vincent Everts (Conference Director) - Dennis de Vries (Lead Digital Ledger Services Netherlands, KPMG - Trust in the 21st century) - Bart Mellink (Gartner - The Gartner position on blockchain adoption) - David Birch (Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion - 'Blockchain is not a technology, it's a religion') - Wiebe Draijer (Chairman of the Executive Board Rabobank) - Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Member European Parliament - FinTech Reporter) - Egbert-Jan Sol (TNO, Radboud University - National Blockchain Alliance) - Surprise act


Coffee break


Session 2: Keynote presentations and debate

Speakers - Vincent Everts (Conference Director) - Marc van der Chijs (Founder/CEO Global Data Chain, Managing Partner CrossPacific Capital - Fireside chat on venture capital Blockchain investment trends in Asia and beyond) - Richard Kastelein (Publisher and founder - The emergence of  Token Sale or Initial Coin Offering) - Rene Kerkmeester (Digital Transformation Lead - TenneT) - Leo Dijkstra (Industry Lead Utilities Benelux - IBM GBS) - Joris Geertman (Director Portfolio & Innovation - KPN) - Rutger van Zuidam (Owner of, Organizer Dutch Blockchain Hackathon) - Raphael Davison (Worldwide Director for Blockchgin, HPE - The blockchain revolution, ultimate industry disruptor) - Jan-Peter Doomernik (Enexis) - Alex Bausch (co-chairman - blockchain ecosystem network) - Marloes Pomp (Curator Public track) - Conny Dorrestijn (Curator Business track) - Paul Bessems (Curator Technology track)




Tracks: Government, Business and Technology

Government session by Marloes Pomp       - Douwe van de Ruit (Business Lead Blockchain - KPN) - Wilfried Hoffman (Co-founder - Tymlez) - Toufic alRjoula (Co-founder & Trust Architect - Tykn) - Ad Kroft (Project Leader - Dutch National Blockchain Coalition) - Stefan Visser (Innovation Architect - VGZ) - Jeffrey van der Eijk (Director A.I. Team - Anchormen) - Jacques Vos (Registrar - Kadaster) - Bert Beentjes (Strategy Advisor - Kadaster) - Steven Gort (ICTU) - Marloes Pomp (Project Leader Blockchain Projects - Dutch Government)         Business session by Conny Dorrestijn     - Chris Huls (Blockchain Expert - Rabobank) Mathieu Galtier (Project leader Morpheo - Rythm) - Dennis de Vries (Lead Digital Ledger Services - KPMG) - Shujohn Ahmed (New Business Concepts Developer - Cegeka) - Torsten Dahmen (Referent - RWE) - Jacob Boersma (Manager blockchain and digital identity - Deloitte) & Jan-Willem Santing (Manager Real Estate and Partnerships - Deloitte) - Jean-Christophe Manghardt (Easy Trading Connect - ING) - Mark Buitenhek (Global Head Transaction Services - ING) - Arno Laeven (Corporate Blockchain Consultant) - David Birch (Consult Hyperion)           Technology session Paul Bessems             - Reinier van der Drift (Co-Founder - Tymlez) - Brant Richards (Genesis of things, smart manufacturing) - Rick Reesen (Hyperledger as a service - IBM) - Justin Hibbard (Global Chief Technologist for Financial Services Industry - HPE) - Jan Baan (Chairman & Founder - Vanenburg Group) - John Hermans (Head of Cyber Security - KPMG)




Final session: Closing talk

Speakers - Vincent Everts (Conference Director) - Ling Kong (CTO Dianrong - Blockchain application in supply chain) - Ivar Wiersma (Head of Innovation - ING - Growing pains of blockchain) - Jan-Peter Doomernik (Enexis - (How) can energy be free? Co creating a future of blockchain, ai and autonomous assets) - Chris Skinner (CEO The Finanser - if you liked it then you should have put a chain on it: how blockchain has reached the bottom of the trough of disillusionment and what's next) - Closing act


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Laan van Langerhuize 1, 1186 DS Amstelveen

Blockchain Growing Pains

Reality versus expectations

Gartner puts Blockchain on top of the hype cycle – at the peak of inflated expectations. Right now, every problem in every industry can be fixed with Blockchain technology! Is it a matter of belief? We will investigate the growing pains of the Blockchain, what can go wrong, and what we should question. Industry analyst David Birch wooed the audience in 2016 with a talk about Identity & the Blockchain. He returns to the event in 2017 with a keynote, titled “Blockchain is not a technology, it’s a religion”.

Hot issues

Other topics on the agenda for the 2017 event: the governance issues in the public bitcoin blockchain which are reaching boiling temperature with the coming core and unlimited fork and the aftermath of the Etherium fork. The rise of the private blockchains in fintech, insurance, energy, government and other industries.  The decisions main players in this field take now will decide our future paths. Long time Blockchain Entrepreneur and investor Marc van der Chijs, founder of Global Data Chain, will share his analysis of industry developments.

Private versus Public debate

Will public Blockchain technology lead, or are private Blockchain initiatives more likely to prevail? Will the corporate world take the lead or is innovation more likely to come from government or public initiatives? What role does economic uncertainty play?

Case studies

The blockchain is the basis for a new trust paradigm, which will affect processes in a wide range of industries. From banking, insurance and credit ratings, to manufacturing networks and energy markets, from tracking and tracing of copyrighted materials, to connected cars and secure health records, in all these areas the blockchain will be a catalyst for the creation of new decentralized applications.  We will take a close look at practical examples already in place.


Gartner published reports on Blockchain. A Gartner consultant is invited.                    


Wiebe Draijer


Ling Kong

Dianrong China

Interview Chris Skinner

The Finanser


June 22nd 2017

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Team & Organisation

Vincent Everts, Conference Director

Monique van Dusseldorp, Programme Director

Marloes Pomp, Curator Public track

Conny Dorrestijn, Curator Business track

Paul Bessems, Curator Technology track

Simone Vermeend, Curator Blockchain for Dummies

Jan Prins, Partner Manager

Amiet Eliëzer, Website

Peter Hazelberg, Video Production

Simone Heeremans, Event Production

Douwe Van Dijk,  Audience interaction