Bitcoin Wednesday | Ethereum future, Smart Valor & Blockchain will disappear?

Bitcoin Wednesday is a very important event where international speakers come to Amsterdam to talk about their new product or platform. I was there this week and I have three interviews for you:

First, I interviewed Moritz Neto (Co-founder Tenzorum), who just came back from the Ethereum Developers Conference where 4000 programmers talk about the future of Ethereum. Moritz admitted that it might take at least three years before there will be a platform which has low transaction cost and very fast speed, because there has to happen a lot to make that possible. Moritz is an amazing guy from Brazil, who lives in London now, and he wrote an article where he explains how you can create your own ERC20 token in just 20 minutes! He also made a very useful application that can replace every Ethereum wallet address (which is a bunch of numbers) with a real name. I already asked I already asked for my own Vincent Everts domain which I’ll show here:

The second interview is with Olga Feldmeier, “Bitcoin Queen” of Switzerland and CEO of Smart Valor. With Smart Valor she wants to tokenize everything, from real estate to shares and other financial products! Smart Valor is building the first decentralized and global marketplace for tokenized alternative investments. CEO Olga Feldmeier talks about the current status. What does it do? When will it be ready? What assets can be tokenized? How much money has been raised and what does she need for the coming years? Why an ICO? Does she do STOs? Check out her story here:

Third, I have Michael Mainelli, a Professor of Commerce who lives in London. Michael was always doing research on the financial world and he is really involved with the banks and the government. Since 2010, he is also doing research on the crypto world. Michael is a very down to earth man who is also a little bit cynical on the technology of Blockchain. He thinks that in 10 years we will not talk about blockchain anymore and that it will disappear behind the scenes. It is really interesting to hear his views in contrast to all the other young people who are enthusiastic about blockchain:

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts