Blockchain & AI become mature at Hackathon of Odyssey

Last weekend, 100 teams competed for 200k prize money at the world’s biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon of Odyssey. At the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 on 7 June, we will present a selection of the Odyssey Blockchain & AI winners and we will dive deeper into Blockchain solutions! Below some impressions of the teams that were participating and an evaluation of the hackathon:

I talked to the Buffalo.Network team who created a circular economy as a service platform:

Abbey Titcomb of Crowdfunding the Commons build the ‘ICO 2.0’ platform with smart verifiable goals:

Winner of the Nature 2.0 track Kryha, showed a Darwinistic natural selection platform for servers:

Me and Deloitte Blockchain Jedi Jacob Boersma evaluated the purpose and value of the hackathon: