Blockchain fund Cyber Capital about legislation, meeting with AFM and DNB, the current market and favorite projects!

The whole crypto market is 60% down since december. Crypto fund Cyber Capital is known for having more than 3.000% return.What does investment strategist Justin Bons think of this? In his view the fundamentals are steadily improving. Applications are being build, adoption is increasing and there is more institutional adaption. This is obviously a correction of the giant spike we’ve had last year. It’s all caused by a combination of greed and fear according to Justin. What was causing the fear? What is he currently investing in? What are his favorite coins?

They’re now talking with the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank about legislation. How is this going? What are their views? I asked Cyber Capital  founder Boudewijn Rooseboom. Janko Gorter of the Dutch Central Bank will be a speaker at the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 on June 7 in Utrecht to discuss the topic of Blockchain and ICO legislation