Cars on the blockchain with IBM & Koopman!

A few weeks ago I interviewed Frans Kempen (IBM), on the collaboration between IBM & Koopman Logistics Group where they leverage the blockchain technology for digitalizing the transport and storage of new and used cars. Koopman is the first logistics company in Europe who leverages the blockchain technology for its services and they got recognition for it by receiving an innovation award this year!

This week I talk with Jon Kuiper, the CEO of Koopman Logistics Group, about their blockchain project and what it entails. Why does a logistics service provider of cars develops a production system where all the cars, from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) all the way to the dealer, are integrated? How do they integrate second hand cars in their system? What problems are they trying to solve with this blockchain solution? Jon tells me about the multiple opportunities regarding end-to-end supply chain visibility, fraud prevention, transition to a less paper based system etc. This cooperation of Koopman and IBM is very interesting and has a lot more to it. Jon will be present at the Blockchain Innovation Conference on June 7 where he will talk more about this project, so make sure you attend and get your tickets now!