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Save The Date: June 30, 2020 – Blockchain Innovation Conference hosted by NS | #BIC20

Take out your agenda and block the 30th of June 2020! The 7th edition of the Blockchain Innovation Conference which will take place in Utrecht, hosted by the Dutch Railways NS. This year, we will not look at blockchain in isolation, but we will explore the intersection of blockchain, big data, AI and quantum computing. I asked Sophie Verberne, Advanced Analytics at the NS why… Read more »

Update on Solve.Care: the first healthcare platform based on the blockchain

Last year, the only ICO advisory board role I took, out of 100, was at Solve.Care, the first healthcare platform based on the blockchain which goal is to schedule, pay and share info between patients, insurance companies and healthcare providers. They raised $20M and they implemented their solution at the Arizona Care network with 6000… Read more »

Bitcoin Bloodbath & the 1-year anniversary of Bitcoin Magazine

This week a Bitcoin Bloodbath! A gigantic battle inside the Bitcoin Cash community with a hard fork between titans as Roger Ver/Bitmain versus Craig Wright (the guy who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto). Lots of uncertainty and investors are worried with as result that the whole crypto market plunged. We talked about this yesterday at… Read more »

CEO BTC Direct Europe over de Achtergrond, Groei & Visie van het bedrijf

BTC Direct Europe BTC Direct Europe is één van de grotere spelers in het Nederlandse cryptolandschap waar je o.a. Bitcoins kunt kopen & verkopen. Ze zitten en Nijmegen en hebben rond de 30 mensen in het bedrijf. Interview met CEO Mike Hutting Ik interview de CEO & Co-Founder Mike Hutting en bevraag hem over het… Read more »

Blockchain lessons learned in Microsoft Logistics 

Microsoft did a project to test the use of blockchain and to explore how they can use that technology to solve real time problems. Ken O’Farrell is a Global Reverse Logistics Manager at Microsoft and I interview him on his experience regarding the blockchain project. As logistics manager Ken ships more than a million packages… Read more »

VGZ blockchain implementation in maternity care in the Netherlands

VGZ and Blockchain VGZ is the second largest health insurance group in the Netherlands and they are constantly looking around on how technology may improve their services. At the Blockchain Innovation Conference, Hugo Te Kaat (Innovation Architect at VGZ) gave a talk on how VGZ is using the blockchain technology in maternity care. Maternity Care… Read more »

Tykn: The future of resilient identity

Last week, I talked with Dave Birch about the importance of identity. Verifying one’s identity is one of the most important battles in payments. This week we highlight Tykn, a blockchain startup that helps NGOs and governments with their identity management system for humanitarian aid. This comprises higher-order applications for aid distribution, greater project level metrics and the… Read more »

From POC to Production with Prince Constantijn, European Banks, Indian Prime Minister, Motionwerk and Waqar Zaka!

Two weeks until the Blockchain Innovation Conference on June 7 at the Rabobank Headquarters in Utrecht! I interviewed HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands (Startup Delta) on how startups and big enterprises can be connected on the Blockchain. This year we’re celebrating the transition from Proof-of-Concept to Real World Production! ING and ABN Amro have… Read more »

From POC to Real Production with the KPMG BMM Blockchain Maturity Model

KPMG has an Audit Module for Blockchain projects: The BMM Blockchain Maturity Model. It’s quickscan of a Proof of Concept that can be done in 2 weeks. With this model you can see all of the risks in a POC and take it to the next level. What steps does it entail? Initiator Dennis de Vries (Head Digital Ledger KPMG)… Read more »

Blockchain fund Cyber Capital about legislation, meeting with AFM and DNB, the current market and favorite projects!

The whole crypto market is 60% down since december. Crypto fund Cyber Capital is known for having more than 3.000% return.What does investment strategist Justin Bons think of this? In his view the fundamentals are steadily improving. Applications are being build, adoption is increasing and there is more institutional adaption. This is obviously a correction… Read more »