Category: Blockchain Innovation Conference

Jacques Vos (Kadaster)

Jacques Vos Jacques Vos is registrar at Kadaster and responsible for updating the Cadastre and the Land Registry, policy on the registration documents and instructing of the registration staff, consulting various parties and cooperating parties and organisations. Jacques is also known for giving presentations in The Netherlands (and abroad) and participating in (inter)national legal, technical... Read more »

Rick Reesen (IBM)

Rick Reesen Rick Reesen is Cloud Blockchain Lead for BeNeLux at IBM. Rick is always searching for concepts and technologies that provide both business and social value. At the conference Rick Reesen will be talking about Hyperledger during the Technology track. Video presentation Presentation SpeakersWatch Presentations <- Go back

Reinier van der Drift (Tymlez)

Reinier van der Drift In 2016 Reinier founded Tymlez Software together with Michael Reh. Tymlez develops scalable blockchain technology for the Enterprise. With throughputs up to 1mln writes/second, Tymlez delivers the fastest and most scalable blockchain development platform today. Prior to Tymlez Reinier was founder of Authasas (2009) which company was acquired by Micro Focus... Read more »

Brant Richards (Innogy Innovation Hub)

Brant Richards Brant Richards is the managing director of Genesis of Things Project, an innogy Innovation Hub venture. The Genesis of Things Project has developed a shared, secured platform for decentralized digital manufactured enabled by blockchain and chip cryptography. This platform allows for the automated, secured management of manufacturing supply chain workflows including 3D file... Read more »

Jan Baan (Vanenburg Group)

Jan Baan Jan Baan has over 35 years of entrepreneurial and business leadership experience in the software sector. Founder of Baan Company (now Infor), that became a Fortune 500 company. Internationally recognized for his key role in creating the worldwide market for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Process Management (BPM) software, Jan is a self-made... Read more »

Shujohn Ahend (CEGEKA)

Shujohn Ahmed Shujohn Ahmed is the New Business Concepts Developer for the full service ICT Solution provider Cegeka. He is an inspiring storyteller with an endless passion for digital, online, mobile & e-commerce. With key skills in finance, business and consultancy services, Shujohn played various roles in the past few years being involved in several... Read more »

Mark Buitenhek (ING)

Mark Buitenhek At ING Bank, Mark Buitenhek is responsible for payments, cash management, trade finance, working capital solutions, commercial cards as well as advanced analytics. This strategic business unit is heavily influenced by major shifts in client needs, technology, regulation and resulting changes on the various business models. Reshaping these models by a.o. innovation is... Read more »


Arno Laeven As a Strategy and Innovation Advisor Arno helps large organisations to understand and pioneer with new transformative technologies like blockchain through presentations, strategy development, workshop moderation and program/project management. Active in blockchain since 2015 as founder and head of the Philips Blockchain Lab, Arno is now helping other corporates like Shell and KLM... Read more »

Greg Shapiro (COMEDIAN)

Greg Shapiro Greg Shapiro, the official Fake Donald Trump, on Blockchain and the art of the deal, best know as the voice-over of the world wide viral video “The Netherlands Second” from Zondag met Lubach. Gregory Scott “Greg” Shapiro is a Dutch/American comedian of the comedy group Boom Chicago, host of the Dutch satirical news program... Read more »

Ivar Wiersma (ING)

Ivar Wiersma Ivar Wiersma is Head of Innovation for ING Wholesale Banking (WB) and responsible for developing and executing WB’s innovation strategy. Chairing the WB Innovation Board, managing WB’s portfolio of initiatives, accelerator program and responsible for both the WB Advanced Analytics team and ING’s Blockchain Program. Video presentation Interview Presentation SpeakersWatch Presentations <- Go... Read more »