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Bart Mellink (GARTNER)

Bart Mellink Bart Mellink is a vice president in the Gartner IT Management and Measurement Consulting practice in the Netherlands. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT with skills in IT architecture, application architecture and development, change management, knowledge management, training, program management, and IT governance. He has a focus on the... Read more »

J.C. Manghardt (ING)

J.C. Manghardt Jean-Christophe Manghardt is Business Lead, Innovation for Commodity Trading and Finance at ING. Jean Christophe is currently leading an initiative in ING’s startup accelerator to transform commodity trade and finance through the use of blockchain: Easy Trading Connect. Jean-Christophe is and expert of commodity trading, structured finance and securitization, economics, international relations, and... Read more »

Jacob Boersma (DELOITTE)

Jacob Boersma Jacob Boersma is blockchain and digital identity manager at Deloitte. Jacob is an expert in blockchain technology, information security, digital identity, e-signatures and e-payments areas. Experience in working in public-private partnership projects and a keen eye for trends and the ‘big picture’ in internet transaction developments. Interested in international opportunities both in Europe... Read more »

Mathieu Galtier (RYTHM)

Mathieu Galtier Mathieu is a computer scientist evolving at the interface between academia and startups. With a background of scientific and executive engineering at Mines ParisTech and a PhD in applied mathematics to neuroscience at Inria/Oxford, Mathieu is an expert in machine learning and neural information processing. He is currently Research Director at Rythm, a... Read more »

Chris Huls (RABOBANK)

Chris Huls Chris Huls is blockchain specialist at Rabobank and responsible for coupling blockchain innovation with financial use cases while keeping track of all IT, business models, stakeholder management and adoption aspects of great ideas. His expertise includes knowledge of blockchain, relevance, crypto currencies and financial institutions. Chris thinks in five years they will have... Read more »

Rutger van Zuidam (DUTCHCHAIN)

Rutger van Zuidam Rutger van Zuidam (1983, Groningen, the Netherlands) is an entrepreneur and owner of DutchChain, one of the leading blockchain businesses in the Netherlands on a mission: improving society through blockchain based solutions. Its activities include developing software (as a service) solutions and organizing ecosystem events. Rutger is a visionary and an enthusiastic... Read more »

Joris Geertman (KPN)

Joris Geertman Joris Geertman is Director Portfolio & Innovation at KPN. Graduated in business administration with a specialty in information technology, Joris started In ICT 1990. He is fascinated by the transformational power of Information Technology. This is true for both the enterprise as well as the consumer aspects of IT. Aligning business needs with... Read more »

Rene Kerkmeester & Leo Dijkstra (TENNET&IBM)

Rene Kerkmeester & Leo Dijkstra Rene Kerkmeester is currently designing and implementing the corporate Digital Transformation Programme for TenneT in Germany and the Netherlands. He is positioning TenneT in a new emerging electricity market landscape characterised by a more volatile and decentral ecosystem whilst delivering business improvements by advancing the use of data and analytics.... Read more »

Jan-Peter Doomernik (ENEXIS)

Jan-Peter Doomernik Jan-Peter Doomernik works as SR Business Developer for the grid company Enexis. As part of the department “Strategical Transitions” his work is focused on disruptive infrastructures that are caring, inclusive and beneficial for society. Video presentation Interview Presentation SpeakersWatch Presentations <- Go back


Egbert-Jan Sol Egbert-Jan Sol is professor Research Management and Research Strategy (innovation manager) at the science faculty of the Radboud University. Also CTO at TNO Industry currently assign to run the Dutch 4th Industrial Revolution Smart Industry action program of the Netherlands, not named Industrie 4.0 NL, but Smart Industry because not high-tech, but changing... Read more »