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Did we have the best Dutch Blockchain winter ever? | ABN AMRO CIO Edwin van Bommel

At the Blockchain Innovation Conference, ABN AMRO CIO Edwin van Bommel gave a talk on how ABN AMRO tries to reinvent the customer experience with their blockchain solutions. How does that fit in the banking for better context? Edwin also mentions the blockchain winter, which was probably one of the best we had. Why? From ‘bugs’ getting… Read more »

Changing the Real Estate game with Blockchain

In the real estate industry, million euro decisions are based on data that nobody trusts. It is also a sector where a lot of shady stuff is going on. How can these challenges in the real estate industry be resolved? At the Blockchain Innovation Conference, Jan-Willem Santing (Senior Manager Deloitte Real Estate) explains how blockchain can… Read more »

 Deliver: Frictionless trade driven by the Blockchain

Have you heard about that joke about a man who walked into several banks with a paper-based Bill of Lading (400 year old system) as collateral for a financial transaction worth $750 million? At the Blockchain Innovation Conference, Aljosja Beije (BlockLab Rotterdam) explains us why we need Blockchain in trade finance! How would such a solution look… Read more »

Creating blockchain consortia: governance, tokenization & monetization of the networks

How do you create and shape blockchain networks and consortia? It can take about 1-3 years to create a consortia! IBM Executive Global Industry Platforms Juergen Kuebler is a specialist in organizing blockchain alliances, being involved in more than 200 projects worldwide! At the Blockchain Innovation Conference he tells you all about the governance, tokenization and monetization… Read more »

The challenges of building alliances | Panel discussion with Ocean Protocol, Vinturas & more

In the world of blockchain it is extremely important, but also very difficult, to build alliances. Where do you start? How do you set-up a broadly accepted governance structure? How do you improve the customer journey and service delivery through inclusive collaborations? At the Blockchain Innovation Conference we discuss the challenges of building alliances with a… Read more »

Blockchain for Dummies: Explained in simple words

Blockchain is a complex technology to understand and to explain. How does it work? Why does this technology matter? Why are smart contracts smart? Blockchain Specialist Badreddine Tazrouti explains everything you need to know about Blockchain all in simple words at the Blockchain Innovation Conference! Badreddine co-organized BIC19 and is (internationally) asked for his expertise, from companies in the Netherlands to newspapers… Read more »

Building a blockchain-based solution for responsible mineral sourcing

Cobalt is a mineral that is crucial for producing electric car batteries. However, cobalt is often mined in unstable parts of the world and sometimes there is made use of child labor. IBM took on the noble task to ‘clean up’ the shady Cobalt mine business by tracking Cobalt minerals on the blockchain so customers… Read more »

Nx’change: Tokenized Securities Trading Platform

Nx’change offers a securities exchange as a service where companies can raise capital in an easier way than conventional and also in their own community. Watch CEO Marleen Evertsz delve into the practicalities of Nx’change at the Blockchain Innovation Conference. Nx’change is one of the first (crypto) exchanges where securities can be tokenized and traded on… Read more »

Catalysing the world’s commodity trade network

Processes in the world of trade & commodity finance are slow as they are still heavily paper-based. Komgo is an open blockchain platform that digitalizes trade finance processes and leverages the blockchain to make processes more efficient and transparent. At the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019, innovation manager Chanmeet Kaur explains how they are changing this… Read more »