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Blockchain & AI become mature at Hackathon of Odyssey

Last weekend, 100 teams competed for 200k prize money at the world’s biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon of Odyssey. At the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 on 7 June, we will present a selection of the Odyssey Blockchain & AI winners and we will dive deeper into Blockchain solutions! Below some impressions of the teams that were participating and an evaluation of… Read more »

Lyft integrates with Healthcare Blockchain Platform integrated ride haring service Lyft (40% market share in the USA) in their Healthcare coordination platform, which uses blockchain to coordinate payments and access information. Why? What does blockchain add to the coordination possibility? I talk to CEO Pradeep Goel and he tells me all about it. Does the blockchain platform they use (Ethereum enterprise… Read more »

Blockchain at IBM: World Wire, Foodtrust, Cobalt and Koopman Case

This week I talked to IBM Blockchain Lead Frans Kempen about their cars on the blockchain project, and their newer projects regarding payments (World Wire), food supply chain (Food Trust) and responsible mineral sourcing. IBM took on the noble task to ‘clean up’ the shady Cobalt mine business by tracking Cobalt minerals so customers like… Read more »

The world’s biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon

The third edition of the world’s biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon of Odyssey will take place this week in the Netherlands! I talked with founder Rutger van Zuidam who explains me all about the hackathon! Rutger will present the winners of the Hackathon at the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 on 7 June! BIC19 Early Bird tickets with a special discount are still available… Read more »

Metronome: A portable cross chain cryptocurrency

Metronome, a cryptocurrency launched by pioneer Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik in 2018, is designed to be stored across many blockchains. I interviewed Jenna Pilgrim from, who gave a talk at Bitcoin Wednesday on their Metronome project. How can a currency exist on multiple blockchains? What are the advantages of a cross chain cryptocurrency? Jenna also… Read more »

Techneuten geven bitcoin glans

De crypto-markt kruipt steeds verder omhoog, maar veel meer ‘alive & kicking’ is de blockchaintechnologie! Zo zijn o.a. Shell, BP & ABN AMRO bezig met een blockchain-handelsplatform waar nu al 40% van de Noordzee-olie op wordt getraceerd. Ik ben gast bij de Crypto Update van de Financiële Telegraaf en praat over de laatste zaken omtrent crypto… Read more »

Decentralized data exchange protocol that unlocks data for AI

AI is hot & Big Data is hot! How do you make an exchange were Data & AI is combined? We have a great speaker for you at BIC19: Dr. Irene Lopez de Vallejo, a Founding Team Member of Ocean Protocol. Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol that unlocks data for AI. BIC19 Early Bird tickets with a special discount are still… Read more »

How alive is Blockchain within Deloitte?

Blockchain in business has been a hot topic for the last 5 years! Blockchain Thought Leader and Senior Manager Jacob Boersma is happy that the hype is over. How is that within Deloitte? Jacob is working on practical blockchain applications in the field of energy, identity & real estate. What interesting blockchain applications will come to the market in… Read more »

Basics of Hyperledger Fabric: Enterprise Blockchain Solution Architecture

Hyperledger is the king of the enterprise blockchain systems! I talk with IBM Software Engineer & Blockchain Application Developer Firat Sertgoz and he tells me all about Hyperledger Fabric. What are examples of usecases in the enterprise world? From automated supply chain in tracking & tracing cars and containers to financial services. How many transactions can… Read more »