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Prof. Olinga Taeed: What will China do with Blockchain and how will this influence us?

Prof Olinga Taeed is Council Member (of just 7) and Expert Advisor to the ‘China E-Commerce Blockchain Committee’ (CECBC) responsible for targeting growth to US$ 100 trillion, maintaining current China 70% global market share, and government compliance’ for the national Ministry of Commerce. As Blockchain advisor for China, the professor explained at the Blockchain Innovation… Read more »

BIC19 Highlights: Interviews, talks, vlogs, blogs and more!

One week after the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 #BIC19! We are very proud of the participants, students, volunteers, team and partners! Over 300 people came together in Amsterdam to watch 50+ (inter)national speakers discuss Blockchain beyond the hype! This was the year of production: billions of dollars are now settled on the blockchain, which we… Read more »

100 000+ Refugees pay & identify with Blockchain 

One of the interesting cases at BIC19 was the project of Parity Technologies in collaboration with the UN World Food Program to aid 100.000+ refugees to pay & identify themselves with the help of blockchain! Our TV Studio host Nick Stevens interviews Joe Petrowski, Research Analyst at Parity Technologies, about the project. How does their project better a… Read more »

The future of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence by Dave Birch

The future of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence by Dave Birch Let’s start with the last speaker of the conference, the grumpy, but brilliant, old man Dave Birch, who cynically talked about Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. If you ever want to hear why blockchain is not going to work out, then listen to this story! In… Read more »

Double Dutch Blockchain solution for Singapore’s import problem

Singapore currently imports 92% of their groceries and the government wants to reduce that to 70% to become less dependent. Dutch technology is now used to produce locally with a high production per square meter and all the products are tracked & traced by Dutch blockchain design. I talk with Addleshaw Goddard’s international attorney Marcus… Read more »

Blockchain innovation in the Real Estate industry

In the real estate industry, the exchange of data is difficult and million dollar decisions are based on data that nobody necessarily trusts. Data is checking is done repetitive and is very time consuming and costly. To solve this, Deloitte build an information flow platform based on the blockchain and I talk about it with… Read more »

We need a Whatsapp on the Blockchain!

Blockchain is advancing and changes our daily used apps as well! I talk with former Executive Vice President of Philips Roel Pieper on what is wrong with nowadays so called ‘secure messaging’ providers and what we need instead. Facebook and Whatsapp claim to be secure messaging apps, but Roel thinks otherwise! Roel is currently investing… Read more »

Governance & forming of alliances on the Blockchain | IBM

Creating consortiums is incredibly important in the blockchain world as the technology’s success thrives on collaboration. I talk with IBM Executive Global Industry Platforms Juergen Kuebler who has been involved in more than 200(!) blockchain projects worldwide. What important lessons can we learn? What model is used to set up these blockchain ecosystems? Juergen will talk more in-depth… Read more »

Meet ilionx Blockchain Solutions at the Blockchain Innovation Conference!

ilionix has 30 consultants and programmers building blockchain solutions. At the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 they will show their Blockchain platform for freelancers & employers and their blockchain solutions for municipalities regarding child-related budgets & trade marking documents. Meet Blockchain Lead Hardwin Spenkelink, MD Sjoerd Hobo & Juliette Dijk. Their blockchain solution even won the second prize at Odyssey, the… Read more »

Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019: What can you expect? An inside look!

At the Blockchain Innovation Conference we will discuss blockchain in production, ecosystems & consortia, blockchain for good and the future of Blockchain together with Big Data & Artificial Intelligence! I talk you through together with Conny Dorrestijn on what you can expect. Think of cases regarding the Chinese government, North Sea oil, the first German… Read more »