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How is blockchain key for logistical platforms like Samsung SDS?

Blockchain becomes very important for logistics. Lars Breedveld from Samsung SDS, a logistical platform explains why and in what way. 28 parties(!) are involved in delivering goods by containers from point A to B, including a lot of paperwork. The results are a lack of efficiency and transparency which is usually created by distrust. Blockchain is… Read more »

Unfortunately, BIC 2020 is canceled….

Unfortunately, I had to cancel Blockchain Innovation Conference of 30th June 2020 in Utrecht because of the Coronavirus. Many speakers (even from China!) are not coming because they don’t feel safe in the way we handle the virus in Europe. Sponsors and guests also withdrew from BIC 2020. Hence, I had to cancel it. Now, I am thinking of… Read more »

Smeekbede voor de Eerste Kamer: check heel goed naar de Crypto wetten en gooi de privacy niet weg!

Simon Lelieveldt, Regulatory & Compliance Consultant,  doet een hartstochtelijk pleidooi voor het kijken naar privacy in de drie huidige wetsvoorstellen die goedgekeurd  moeten worden door de Eerste Kamer. Simon pleit dat de Eerste Kamer de wetten zorgvuldig moet checken op privacy en handhaafbaarheid. Dit door middel van de Raad van State nog een keer te… Read more »

What challenges is KLM Cargo facing and how is blockchain becoming important?

I interviewed Kester Meijer, director of KLM Cargo. Air Freight is 1% of the amount and 35% of value worldwide. He talks about the tough compliance and safety challenges that the cargo department faces. He turns these difficulties into a competitive weapon, automating the 3500 security rules with reg tech. Next to the physical movements, regulations & security are way more… Read more »

Wat is allemaal aan de hand met blockchain wereld in Nederland? Een must watch video!

Wat is er in hemelsnaam aan de hand met blockchain in Nederland? Ik spreek met met Marloes Pomp van Dutch Blockchain Coalition over hoe blockchain zich ontwikkeld heeft in ons kikkerlandje. Het heeft zich ontwikkeld op allerlei vlakken, zoals de financiële-, logistieke- en handelswereld. Een mooi voorbeeld is het “employee wallet” waarbij er verificatie gefaciliteerd wordt van werkervaring en… Read more »

How is Estonia applying e-government and blockchain? Minister Kaimar Karu explains.

I interviewed the Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology of Estonia, Kaimar Karu. Estonia is number 1 in e-government, but after 20 years, it’s time for an upgrade. Moreover, Minister Karu told how Estonia applies blockchain, and he showed the relationship between ICT and Trade in Estonia. Last but not least, he talked about the latest trends of… Read more »

How is China dealing with blockchain? Danny Dang explains.

Since the 24th of October 2019, the Chinese president Xi Jinping declared the blockchain strategic, the same level as AI. Before that, blockchain was dangerous in China, because it was connected to cryptocurrencies which are illegal in this enormous country. Moreover, the Chinese Central Bank is creating a digital RMB, and it is testing the… Read more »

(NL) Rabobank blockchain: open source identity & career wallet | Djuri Baars

Rabobank is bezig met een open source identity & career wallet, waar op de Blockchain Innovation Conference al eerder over verteld werd. Hoe zit het nu met dit project waar diploma’s op de blockchain worden gezet? Ik interview Blockchain lead Djuri Baars. Ook bespreken we het Technology Trend Report van de Rabobank, met onderwerpen als Blockchain, AI… Read more »

How is Oracle using blockchain?

I talked with Bid’ah Ibdah from Oracle about the relationship between Big Data & the use of blockchains. What is this relation? What is the division of labor, according to the way of blockchain? How did blockchain influence Oracle’s roadmap? They added Blockchain functions to the core product. I asked about the real applications Oracle participate,… Read more »

China & blockchain landscape, what is hot? | Tony Tong

I talked with Tony Tong, Co-Founder of Hongkong Blockchain Association. He explains where the inspiration of blockchain comes from the Chinese president Xi Jinping, and what the hottest Blockchain apps are. So what are these hottest trends? People don’t trust each other in China, but blockchain will make a change about that! He also talks about the… Read more »