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Blockchain in real estate: Parties waste 40% of their time checking each others data | Jacob Boersma

Jacob Boersma is Manager Blockchain and Digital Identity at the Risk Services department of Deloitte. Certain fields he is specialized in are Blockchain Technology, Information Security, Digital Identity, Electronic Signatures and Electronic Payments. Trying to stay ahead of the digital transformation and keeping the ‘big picture’ in Internet transaction development in mind, he is experience… Read more »

All basics you need to know to understand blockchain in 15 minutes! Simone Vermeend

Simone Vermeend dived into Blockchain about a year ago, feeling pretty lost. After an intensive weekend of study, she felt lost even more. Not feeling demotivated by it, she set out to write the first Dutch book explaining the phenomena called Blockchain. What problem does Blockchain solve? The internet introduced easy sharing and copying files,… Read more »

‘Blockchain is not a technology, it’s a religion’ – David Birch

Dave Birch an author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services. known as a decent public speaker, a reasonable consultant and good board-level non-executive, a respected media commentator, a well-read blogger and inveterate tweeter. Also one of the founders of Consult Hyperion, a leading consultancy in the field of electronic transactions. David Birch was one of… Read more »

Gartner predicts blockchain will be adopted by the mainstream in 5 to 10 years

Bart Mellink is currently the Practice leader for Disruptive Technologies at Gartner. This implicates the he advises clients on the strategic impact of those technologies on the client’s business and IT landscape. He started at a young age as a founder of a medium-sized systems integrator and software development company. After this experience, he started… Read more »

Torsten Dahmen (RWE) works on ‘Airbnb for charging stations’ using blockchain

Torsten Dahmen is an Enterprise Solution Architect at the Innogy Innovation Hub (part of energy company RWE) in Germany. He currently works together with Motionwerk which is actually a spinoff from the Innogy Innovation Hub. It develops Blockchain infrastructure and technology to connect companies, people and machines in the mobility sector to bring the vision… Read more »

Chairman of the Executive Board Rabobank Wiebe Draijer says nobody is asking for blockchain, but everybody is asking for solutions 

Wiebe Draijer is currently the Chairman of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland, focusing on auditing, communication, research and human resources. As a real enthusiast about technology he graduated from the University of Technology in Delft when also doing a research at Philips Research Laboratories. The following twenty years he was a managing partner at… Read more »