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What is currently really going on in Corporate IT and Board Rooms

What are corporate IT departments currently thinking of blockchain? What are they actually doing? What are they most interested in? Bart Mellink of Gartner explains this in his elaborated talk. He discusses the corporate hype around blockchain, why blockchain is sometimes not needed (and sometimes even more efficient to avoid), centralized business projects, the hype… Read more »

Serial conference organiser Alexy Khrabrov: what are his learnings?

I was at the Rethink Trust conference which revolves around blockchain engineering and I spoke to Dr. Alexy Khrabrov. Alexy is a serial conference organiser and he organises a lot of conferences (in the Bay Area) in fintech, AI, self driving cars, big data and blockchain from an engineering perspective. Why is it important to… Read more »

How Blockchain will change our global system in the next 10 years

Vinay Gupta, a visionary serial-entrepreneur and coder and well known in the Blockchain community for coordinating the Ethereum release, states that our current model of globalization is no longer safe or sustainable (e.g. look at the impact of Brexit and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement). Blockchain, as the next gen of the internet, will play a… Read more »

BOScoin: Blockchain Operating System overview

BOScoin staat voor Blockchain Operating System en is een zelf-evoluerende cryptovaluta platform voor vertrouwenscontracten, gericht om beslissingsprocessen democratischer en productiever te maken. BOScoin heeft tijdens hun ICO in 2017 maar liefst 6900 BTC opgehaald! Wat doen zij eigenlijk precies? Hoe werkt het? Ik was bij de BlockchainExpo in de RAI en interview de Europese community… Read more »

The rise of media company Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is one of the largest cryptocurrency/blockchain media companies and want to be number 1. They have great publications and over 55 people on the team and different regional versions in Brazil, Spain and Asia. The articles all have very iconic artwork. How do you grow a media company in 2018? What’s the story behind… Read more »

Blockchain Expo Europe Highlights

I was at the Blockchain Expo Europe in the RAI in Amsterdam this week and there was a lot to see for blockchain enthousiasts. These are some of the highlights where I give an impression of day 1 of the expo with 50 things you could find there:   I talked with Arnaud Le Hors, an elected… Read more »

Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 Reviews

It has been three weeks since we organised the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 and I am still hearing good remarks from people who attended or watched the livestream. At the Blockchain Expo Europe I met a few people who gave their review. Bob Yelland is the leading blockchain marketeer of IBM. He is doing 60… Read more »

[Dutch] Leo Dijkstra (IBM) over hoe het nu gaat met de Tennet case

Tijdens de Blockchain Innovation Conference in 2017 hield Leo Dijkstra (IBM) samen met Tennet een verhaal over een blokchainapplicatie die zij hadden gebouwd om het hoogspanningsnet in balans te houden. Wind- en zonne-energie beïnvloeden het hoogspanningsnet zodra het weer even niet mee zit, wat leidt tot een stroomdip op het net. In de Tennet Case worden… Read more »

Solving the diamond industry’s problems through blockchain

The diamond industry of today still faces a lot of challenges from synthetic stones to document tampering of paper based certifications to “blood diamonds” from conflict zones. Everledger tries to overcome these challenges by replacing the current people & paper based systems by blockchain & machines. Every diamond is unique and Everledger managed to extract… Read more »

Rabobank announces launch of international trading platform We.Trade!

At BIC18, Rabobank CEO Wiebe Draijer announced the first international Blockchain trading platform in the world to go live: We.Trade! Since January 2017, Rabobank is already collaborating together with other banks and IBM to develop the groundbreaking Digital Trade Chain platform. This platform aims to make national and international trade for European companies more efficient by… Read more »