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Tykn wins the ICO Competition 2018!

At the Blockchain Innovation Conference we held an ICO competition for the best ICO. The ICO commission selected the best ICOs that could pitch their story at the conference. The selected ICOs were: Attrace: affiliate marketing on the Blockchain. Trustier: a tool to measure, share and transfer trust. Careerchain: Open industry standard for sharing Career Histories. Mijn Vastgoed: Real… Read more »

7 ICOs you need to get to know!

I interviewed all ICOs that participate in the ICO Pitch Competition at the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018! Attrace: affiliate marketing on the Blockchain. Trustier: a tool to measure, share and transfer trust. Careerchain: Open industry standard for sharing Career Histories. Mijn Vastgoed: Real Estate investments for everyone. Fissacoin: a Party coin for large events. iCasting: Putting… Read more »

The blockchain plans of the Indian goverment with Aalekh Sharan (NITI Aayog)

Aalekh Sharan works for the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), which is the premier policy ‘Think Tank’ of the Government of India, providing both directional and policy inputs. The Indian Government has already implemented some remarkable innovations such as the United Payments Interface (mobile payment system) and AADHAAR (identification based on biometric and… Read more »

Vinay Gupta’s vision on blockchain’s influence in the next 10 year

Vinay Gupta is the founder of Hexayurt.Capital, he managed the Ethereum blockchain platform release and he was an instrumental figure in creating the Dubai Blockchain Strategy. Predicting the future with regards to technology is a second nature for Vinay. Vinay was part of the cryptography wave from the eighties and according to him we are… Read more »

Blockchain Lab of the World Bank: Health, Fintech & Government

Rachel Halsema works for the Worldbank and has a background in centralised IT (Oracle). The world bank is enthusiastic about the use of blockchain in environments with a minimal infrastructure and for people who are de-risked (thrown out of the financial system). What is so interesting about this technology that it excites such a big… Read more »

Stroke diagnoses on the blockchain – Nico.Lab, Tymlez & HPE

Every 25 seconds there are people in the EU that get a stroke and every two minutues someone dies from a stroke. It is very important that treatment starts as soon as possible when a stroke occurred. Nico.Lab (a split off of the Amsterdam Medical Center) invented an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that assists specialists to… Read more »

International Government Blockchain Innovation Track at BIC18 with Marloes Pomp

At the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2017, Marloes Pomp showed us all the blockchain projects that were done inside the Dutch government. This year, she traveled all around the world to see how governments abroad are innovating with the blockchain technology. She will talk about this in-depth at this years’ Blockchain Innovation Conference on June 7… Read more »

From POC to Production with Prince Constantijn, European Banks, Indian Prime Minister, Motionwerk and Waqar Zaka!

Two weeks until the Blockchain Innovation Conference on June 7 at the Rabobank Headquarters in Utrecht! I interviewed HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands (Startup Delta) on how startups and big enterprises can be connected on the Blockchain. This year we’re celebrating the transition from Proof-of-Concept to Real World Production! ING and ABN Amro have… Read more »

Prince Constantijn van Oranje on blockchain, startups & ICOs

Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau is the StartUp Envoy at StartupDelta. He traveled around the world and looked what blockchain & startups means for modernisation & innovation for goverment & economy. What are his findings? Is the Netherlands a POC (proof of concept) or a real blockchain country that also produces. How does he see ICOs… Read more »

Dutch Government Debate: Stronger regulation on cryptocurrencies?!

This week, the Dutch House of Representatives debated the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands. A lot of people have recently invested in cryptocurrencies and it did not always end up well because of scams and overall market price decline. At the same time, the House of Representatives thinks that blockchain as a technology behind many crypto… Read more »