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Bitcoin new ALL TIME HIGH during BIC18 on June 7 predicts Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs is a serial entrepreneur and investor who recently sold his ICO investment bank First Coin Capital to a Wallstreet billionaire Mike Novogratz. Marc is known for his very extreme but accurate predictions. I interviewed him and he now expects a new ALL TIME HIGH for Bitcoin on June 7 during BIC18 where he will speak! He explains why the ICO market is still… Read more »

Why you should come to BIC18 (Dutch)

Bitcoin Magazine asked me to pitch why you should come to the Blockchain Innovation Conference on 7 June in Utrecht (Video is in Dutch). This BIC edition will be all about the transition of proof-of-concept to real world blockchain solutions. We will discuss a lot of examples and subjects ranging from applications in the finance… Read more »

The world’s largest Blockchain Hackathon winners: Blockchain Healthcare, Bitcoin (literally) to the moon and IOTA!

The world’s largest physical annual blockchain hackathon organised by Blockchaingers took place in Groningen from 5-8 April. Over 60 international teams gathered and competed in 7 tracks: Digital Nation Infrastructure, Energy Transition, Global Digital Identity, Health, Machine Economy, Public Safety & Security and the Future of Pensions. In this hackathon the teams co-created prototype solutions… Read more »

Byeshares ICO 2.0 concept: Shares as a token platform

Technology company created, a shares-as-a-token platform where consumers can buy shares (certificates). The shares that can be bought gives the buyer the same rights that a normal shareholder also would have, such as voting rights, dividend & shareholder meetings access. How does Byeshares work? What is Byelex? What does using the platform cost… Read more »

Blockchain fund Cyber Capital about legislation, meeting with AFM and DNB, the current market and favorite projects!

The whole crypto market is 60% down since december. Crypto fund Cyber Capital is known for having more than 3.000% return.What does investment strategist Justin Bons think of this? In his view the fundamentals are steadily improving. Applications are being build, adoption is increasing and there is more institutional adaption. This is obviously a correction… Read more »

World’s largest blockchain Hackathon takes place in The Netherlands! Interview M2M track leader about teams and challenges

From today to april 8 the world’s largest blockchain hackathon Blockchaingers takes place in Groningen with 63 team in 9 tracks: Digital Nation Infrastructure, Energy Transition, Global Digital Identity, Health, Machine Economy, Public Safety & Security and the Future of Pensions. The visionary Jan Peter Doomernik, who at BIC17 spoke about autonomous cars owned by no-one and can be… Read more »

First BIC18-Speakers Announcement!

Blockchain is hot. Really hot. It’s amazing how much is happening in blockchain this year and that’s why wer’e very excited to be hosting the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 on June 7 at Rabobank Utrecht. This year we go from Proof of Concept to Real World Solutions and have selected some amazing speakers and operational… Read more »

Bitfury Bus Dev VP Marc Taverner on Blockchain Solutions, Mining, Software Tools & HUT8

One of my favorite speakers at the Swiss Blockchain Leadership Summit was Marc Taverner, VP Business Development at Bitfury, one of the world’s largest blockchain solutions companies in mining and lots of other blockchain products. What do they do? And how did they get there? They’ve currently also partnered with very successful serial entrepreneur and crypto millionaire… Read more »