Dutch Government Debate: Stronger regulation on cryptocurrencies?!

This week, the Dutch House of Representatives debated the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands. A lot of people have recently invested in cryptocurrencies and it did not always end up well because of scams and overall market price decline. At the same time, the House of Representatives thinks that blockchain as a technology behind many crypto valuta, is here to stay, as it enables a more efficient way of transferring assets. They are of the opinion that the Netherlands should not ban crypto valuta, like some countries (dared) as China and the U.S.A., but we should embrace the technology which aligns with our image as innovation economy. There should be a balance between utilizing the blockchain technology for the good and at the same time making sure that criminals and scams are of the past. The House of Representatives wants to protect the people from a WordOnline scenario where masses of people were buying stocks and got scammed big time. This asks for an “intelligent regulation”, which I talk about with Jan Paternotte (D66), member of the House of Representatives, on the radio in this fragment (in Dutch).

Jan Paternotte and Janko Gorter (Dutch Central Bank) will als talk  about Blockchain & legislation at the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018!

Interested in the whole debate? You can check it it here (in Dutch):