Frans Kempen (IBM) on the Koopman Case: Vehicle Identification Numbers on the Blockchain

Frans Kempen, the blockchain lead for supply chain at IBM, will be the technical track leader at the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018. BIC18 will be all about going from Proof of Concept to Production and IBM works together with Koopman Logistics Group on a big project to develop a blockchain based VIN ledger.

Koopman Logistics Group, had the idea to store the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) of cars on the blockchain. The VIN, the unique number of a car, may be used to store a lot of information about the car, such as on the history, mileage, service levels, accidents, transportation and so on. This is useful for multiple parties as this information stored on the blockchain enables trust for end users because of the legitimate data, and it will decrease the costs for the supply chain participants.

The CEO of Koopman will present the case at BIC18 and at the technical track IBM will show the hyperledger architecture background.