From Crypto Craziness 2017 to Depressing 2018: What will 2019 be?

I talked with Marc van der Chijs and he argues that, technology wise, 2018 was a great Bitcoin year, since the technology improved a lot. With 14.000 Lightning channels, fast and cheap transactions came closer. Lots of financial brokers have worked to integrate buying and selling Bitcoin & Crypto, so in 2019 it will be as easy as buying and selling shares. New platforms like Bitcoin ETF are expected to be approved in March and will increase demand. The 80% drop? We overshot the real BTC value in December 2017, anticipated institutional capital too soon and there was a lot of FOMO. His public mining operation Hut8 went down in value from 500m to 120m, but stays stays profitable. 2019 will be a great year according to Bitcoin maximalist Marc van der Chijs.

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts