From POC to Production with Prince Constantijn, European Banks, Indian Prime Minister, Motionwerk and Waqar Zaka!

Two weeks until the Blockchain Innovation Conference on June 7 at the Rabobank Headquarters in Utrecht!

I interviewed HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands (Startup Delta) on how startups and big enterprises can be connected on the Blockchain.

This year we’re celebrating the transition from Proof-of-Concept to Real World Production!

ING and ABN Amro have joined forces with several international industry players to build the Easy Trading Connect application.

Category winners of the world’s largest Blockchain Hackathon Blockchaingers Kryha (Machine 2 Machine) and (Global Digital Identity) will present their practical solutions.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is extremely enthusiastic about Blockchain and we have Alekh Sharan from their Government to talk about their plans.

Pakistani TV Star Waqar Zaka is helping refugees by teaching them about cryptocurrency mining and Blockchain.

Charging your electric car on the Blockchain across Europe by using just one app. Motionwerk CEO Dietrich Sümmermann explains how they made that possible.