From POC to Real Production with the KPMG BMM Blockchain Maturity Model

KPMG has an Audit Module for Blockchain projects: The BMM Blockchain Maturity Model. It’s quickscan of a Proof of Concept that can be done in 2 weeks. With this model you can see all of the risks in a POC and take it to the next level. What steps does it entail? Initiator Dennis de Vries (Head Digital Ledger KPMG) will talk about this at the Blockchain Innovation Conference on June 7th in Utrecht! Secondly he will talk about the KYC project that KPMG did with Singapore banks for a shared KYC ledger. I interviewed Dennis at the KPMG Headquarters in Amstelveen.

Dennis de Vries’ last year’s talk on the state of the Blockchain industry: