Prof. Olinga Taeed: What will China do with Blockchain and how will this influence us?

Prof Olinga Taeed is Council Member (of just 7) and Expert Advisor to the ‘China E-Commerce Blockchain Committee’ (CECBC) responsible for targeting growth to US$ 100 trillion, maintaining current China 70% global market share, and government compliance’ for the national Ministry of Commerce. As Blockchain advisor for China, the professor explained at the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 how China is using Blockchain and how this will influence us. Unfortunately he couldn’t be there in person because he was in the hospital, so Vincent Skype called with him on stage! A thought provoking story!

Prof Olinga Taeed is very special person. He used to be a succesful entrepreneur but then had a life-chaging expierence, sold all his businesses and came up with a different way to measuring social value, the Social Earnings Ratio – it’s now being used millions of companies. In this presentation he tells you all about it!

A few weeks before the conference Vincent interviewed Prof Olinga Taeed about all the topics above.