Rabobank announces launch of international trading platform We.Trade!

At BIC18, Rabobank CEO Wiebe Draijer announced the first international Blockchain trading platform in the world to go live: We.Trade! Since January 2017, Rabobank is already collaborating together with other banks and IBM to develop the groundbreaking Digital Trade Chain platform. This platform aims to make national and international trade for European companies more efficient by using distributed ledger technology. With their eye on further international expansion, the consortium introduced the brand name We.Trade, an European platform for SMEs who want to do international business. There are nine banks from eleven European countries involved: Rabobank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Nordea, Santander, Societé Generale and UniCredit. In the video below Wiebe Draijer talks more about We.Trade.

At Money 20/20 I interviewed Rabobank’s Marleen Wapenaar, the product owner of We.Trade, on what the We.Trade project entails and how it works.

Also at Money 20/20, I talked with David Jansen from the Rabobank about Surepay. Rabobank is a very innovative bank as they have introduced this very simple, but very handy service that will ensure that you will always send your money to the right person! Watch the video below on what Surepay is and how it works.