Alex Bausch

Alex Bausch is a seasoned entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of international business development and creating global technology companies. Alex has a background in the telecom and security industry, with a proven track record in building successful companies and scaling them globally. He is a firm believer in partner eco systems who aim to inspire and spawn new innovations.

Over the years, Alex built his work based on a believe that centers around the four I’s – Inform, Inspire and Innovate to make Impact! Alex’s list of specialties encompasses management and technology: SaaS services, mobile identity security, biometrics, mobile and wireless, digital identity, security, marketing, and product development.

Alex is also the co-chairman of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network | BECON, which provides a platform for Blockchain methodologies and solutions. The aim is to let you understand the importance, functionality and how to overcome the challenges of Blockchain. Showing a rapidly accelerating range of use-cases, BECON provides insights into building and implementing solutions and the application of Blockchain, across all sectors, industries, and services. Connecting you on a global level with your peers, experts and Blockchain clusters and chapters, country by country. BECON offers a range of services from introductory workshops, C-level sessions, forums, boot camps, masterclasses, online training, webcasts, conferences and right through to the delivery of news, white papers, reports, and indexes of both Blockchain industries and use-cases. Blockchain will change the way in which traditional digital services are provided across all public sectors, industries, and services, globally.

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