Conny Dorrestijn

Listed on the Women in Fintech, Conny Dorrestijn has worked for over 25 years in marketing and business development roles in the international financial technology industry. She currently is responsible for global payments marketing at FIS.

Conny is one of the selection panel members of the FinTech50 and the Fintech Summit for TechTour 2016 . She is a non-executive advisory board member to AdviceRobo, Roundcube, Holland FinTech and an informal adviser to Synerscope and QiY. She partnered with Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks in the launch of the Digital Insurance Agenda (Barcelona 2016 and Amsterdam 2017, which attracted over 450 insurers at its inaugural event in April 2016 in Barcelona. ​She is also a regular speaker at Money2020 Europe and the American banking association BAI.

She is also financial services Associate Partner at the European Centre for the Experience and Transformation Economies. In the recently published book ‘Economy of Experiences’​ she contributed the chapter on a new benchmark in banking: ‘a boardroom agenda for survival and change’

Her passion for generation Y and Z is translated in her voluntary work as Financial Literacy Advisory Committee Member for the Global Give Back Circle in Kenya., where she is also active as a mentor for Kenyan students..

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