Vincent Everts

Vincent Everts is trendwatcher, passionate speaker, consultant, debate leader and video blogger: a man with original ideas who forges innovative links between new technology and the rest of the world.His true passion is innovation. Combining a keen understanding of the big picture with a genuine enthusiasm for new technology, Everts always aims to stir the innovative spirit in others.

As a trendwatcher, regular column writer, and technology reviewer, he keeps abreast of the field, and appears regularly in news media both old and new. And finally, having businesses of his own also keeps Everts in touch with the real problems businesses face. Innovader, of which he is founder and managing director, created Incrowd an app to caputre Events together and; a simple and stylish interface that enables people to find, organise and publish internet videos from different video platforms. Vincent has been voted one of the ‘Top 25 Best Speakers of The Netherlands‘ by Management Team.


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