Niek van Rens

Head of Innovation a.i. ABN AMRO

Niek van Rens (45) started his career in the clearing business. He quickly became mid office manager at a subsidiary of ING. After that , he moved from there to two prop firms and became director. Inspired by the innovative way of thinking he developed, he commenced as an independent contractor to be able to quickly follow new developments. In that capacity, he set up a new trading firm, helped to develop a CCP in the Nordics at EuroCCP, setup a new derivatives CCP in the capacity as MD . As of 2013 he successfully migrated and replaced the core custody and payment system within ABN AMRO Clearing  Since 2016, Niek is head of innovation for ABN AMRO Clearing Bank. He recently helped to setup a new banking as service based on DLT technology. His main priority is to find new ways to adapt the banking and post trade world to the new, fast paced world outside of the banking bubble.