Simon Lelieveldt

Regulatory and Compliance Consultant

Simon Lelieveldt is an Industrial Engineer, active in the Dutch Banking and Payments sector as a regulatory consultant. He has worked in variety of roles at ING Postbank, the Dutch central bank, the Dutch Bankers’ Association and is now consulting fintechs, corporates and crypto-enterprises alike. His consultancy focuses on electronic money, new payment products, alternative currencies, blockchain and the interplay with regulations such as PSD2 and AMLD5. He is a certified compliance professional (NCI) and regularly writes on payments regulation.

Simon is also the founder of a non-profit initiative: Financial History of Amsterdam. He provides guided walking tours on the history of Amsterdam as well as executive briefings, presentations and workshops that use financial history as an angle to reflect on the business and regulatory strategy. As such he will be taking some delegates on a tour to discover the oldest blockchain in the old Amsterdam city centre.