Thom Bergmann


Thom Bergmann is co-founder of Kryha who won the Machine 2 Machine award at the Blockchaingers Hackathon in Groningen. Kryha is a multidisciplinary team of twelve blockchain experts with a proven track record of designing and building effective prototypes and products with blockchain technology. Kryha works closely together with their clients, guiding them through the process of selecting use cases, designing concepts, and turning those concepts into reality by building prototypes. Kryha works for the private and non-private sector and has extensive experience in taking clients from ideation to execution. Kryha its strengths are to be flexible, stay honest and provide clear guidance throughout the whole process.

Kryha’s recent clients include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, FedEX Express, Shell, Randstad, PON Automotive, Municipality of Amsterdam and the Dutch Ministry Department of Social Justice.